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Steel Processing

Vimex S.A. construction reinforcement manufacturing facilities produce top-class quality steel products, according to latest norms. We are mainly concentrated on production reinforcement used in construction industry. We prepare steel products according to documentation provided by our customers. Our activity mainly concentrates on producing construction elements from different steel grades and with different diameters. In our offer you can also find welded meshes for concrete reinforcement and structural steel. All products can be delivered to customers throughout Polish territory.Our construction reinforcement manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology enable to create products in repeatable dimensions and shapes on the highest technical level. It is possible through the use of professional digitally controlled devices supported by our experienced staff who has wide knowledge of digital production technologies. So we can provide to our customers fast services as well as best quality production. The team of experienced engineers, technicians and managers equipped with knowledge of modern technologies guarantee the high quality of services provided. We invite you to place an enquiry.


The team of experienced experts within the area of digital technologies constitutes the guarantee of the high level of rendered services.


We invite You to place an enquiry