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VIMEX S.A. is a Polish leading distributor and fabricator of steel products commonly used in the construction industry. Our professionalism, experience and position have been generated throughout 21 years of practice on distribution market.

The strategy accepted by the Board of Directors is concerned on selling two groups of products: fabricated reinforced steel and long products, and building partner relations with company’s final customers.

This strategy resulted in dynamic revenue growth over the last few years. To make execution of orders faster and more efficient the company decided to open new logistic and storage centers in Chorzów and Kostrzyn nad Odrą.

In 2007, to meet our customers’ needs, we opened our first rebar fabrication facility in Radom. The fabrication of reinforcing steels gives a possibility to produce items specified in building projects in all shapes, in any grades, from diameters 6 to 32.

In the nearest future, according to the wide range of grants, the European Union provides to increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy, we are predicting increase demand for fabricated steel products. To meet this market trend we are planning to increase the production capacity.

In 2016 the company is planning to finish a modern distribution center in Radom which is now under construction. This enable us to be faster in delivery and to satisfy larger amount of customers.

In order to maintain a high level of on-time deliveries and to support our customers we constantly modernize our transportation fleet, which currently consists of 20 trucks with a capacity up to 24 tonnes.

We are a five-time winner of the Business Gazelle ranking for most rapidly developing Polish companies, we also received: the Certificate of Reliability, Certificate of Business Credibility 2012, we are a member of the Polish Business Club and the Business Centre Club. Moreover we received the Golden Statuette of Polish Business Leader 2011. In our opinion, this is the best proof of appreciation and that fact motivate us to work harder, to increase the quality of our products and our competitiveness not only on domestic market, but also internationally.

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2016-01-19 16:31:01

Since 2015 the company has have another new and state-of-the-art rebar fabrication facility in Radom. That gave us opportunity to increase the production capacity up to 5000 tons per month. In 2016, to meet the needs of our customers, we enlarged new facility which significantly increased our production capacity to approximately 8,000 tonnes per month. This potential allows us to implement large construction projects. The facility is located in the industrial zone with convenient access for trucks.